Students using human-centered design to make Dartmouth a better place.

A program of the Design Initiative at Dartmouth

Design Corps matches teams of talented student innovators with Dartmouth offices and departments to tackle complex challenges facing those campus organizations. The student teams and partner organizations work together over two or three terms to conduct research and develop creative solutions.

Design Corps offers campus organizations and students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of human-centered design, and to practice collaborative change-making. Campus partners gain access to a group of dedicated student designers from a variety of academic backgrounds, and students have the opportunity to directly influence decisions that could enhance experiences of the Dartmouth community.

For Students

πŸ› Β  Sharpen your design skills. πŸ™‚Β  Make Dartmouth a better place. πŸ’΅Β  Get paid to do it.

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β€œIt's been an incredible opportunity working with fellow designers to bring meaningful change to the Dartmouth student experience. Seeing the potential for improvement across Dartmouth's organizations, I am excited by the opportunities future design teams have to make Dartmouth even better.” **– Student Member of Design Corps

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For Campus Organizations

🀝  Work with a dedicated student team. βœ…Β  Make headway on a complex problem.
πŸ’ͺΒ  Grow your office’s innovation potential.

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β€œThe students got further in this project than I ever thought possible. Their work is already having a measurable positive impact for usβ€”and they’re not even finished with the project yet!” **– Project Partner Organization

β€œI really loved our [student] team and was really impressed with their creativity, amazing positivity, professionalism, and stick-to-itiveness.” – Project Partner Organization

2022-2023 Projects

2021-2022 Projects

2023-2024 Design Corps Members

Aren Carlson

Aren Carlson ’27

Jayesh Choudhary

Jayesh Choudhary ’27

Madison Davis

Madison Davis ’26

Emma Engstrom

Emma Engstrom ’25

Tori Famularo

Tori Famularo ’26

Ashley Goh

Ashley Goh ’26

Nathnael Haile

Nathnael Haile ’25

Colleen Halleck

Colleen Halleck ’25

William Hanson

William Hanson ’26

Oliver Hurwitz

Oliver Hurwitz ’25

Tavisha Khanna

Tavisha Khanna ’26

Constance Legrand

Constance Legrand ’25

Joyce(Keyue) Li

Joyce(Keyue) Li ’26

Matthew Morales

Matthew Morales ’27

Sara Shelton

Sara Shelton ’26

Carolina Stedman

Carolina Stedman ’26

Ryan Tripp

Ryan Tripp ’25

Ella Von Baeyer

Ella Von Baeyer ’24

Jennifer Zhao

Jennifer Zhao ’25

Kelly Zreloff

Kelly Zreloff ’26

2023-2024 Peer Mentors